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Print-ready file check list

For all your Las Vegas convention printing materials  please try to follow these rules or simply contact Las Vegas convention printing representative for more info

• Resolution: Minimum resolution 300 dpi, anything lower than that may result in blurry or pixelated print.

• Color Mode: CMYK format is the industry standard. Artwork received using different color mode will be converted to CMYK format. This may cause some colors to change.

• Bleeds: a 1/8 inch bleed is required on each side.

• Borders: If your art has a border line, a minimum thickness of 1/4 inch on each side is required.

• Text: Must be 1/8 inch inside cut lines (Edges) on each side to avoid being cut off during finishing.

• Layers: All Layers must be flattened before sending your file.

Please visit our File Guidelines Page for more details.


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